Refund Policy

We advise you to check the contents of the package as soon as you receive it to ensure best delivery of support, in case needed.

Tandoori Sizzler is known around for providing our valued customers with high-quality, freshly cooked, take-away or home-delivered Indian food. However, there are times when there are issues with the items in an order and refunds are requested. This policy sets out circumstances in which we may provide refunds in respect of a specific issue, at our absolute discretion.

We will gladly replace or refund incorrect products received or products that have been damaged or spoiled during transport by our staff. In case of any issues or queries, please reach out to Tandoori Sizzler at: (02) 9651 4451 within one hour of receipt of your order.

Kindly note that Tandoori Sizzler will not issue refunds for:

Accidentally placed orders
Incorrect product choice
Taste not matching the expected flavour
If the food has spoiled as a result of not been consumed within a reasonable time after it has been received by the customer.

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